The Eclectic Beauty of Nature by: Terri Mae Owens

I am inspired by the eclectic beauty of nature.  As an artist, I of course love painting and creating beauty.   I am also a historian who loves telling stories about the experiences of African American women.  My work is somewhat eclectic, and is dedicated to the memory of women and girls who were lynched in America.

I am a student of Abraham Hicks, and I am taught that “Life is supposed to be fun.”  I work daily to infuse my two loves to creatively use my education and my artistic talents to inspire insightful conversations and to educate people about the triumphs and challenges that African American women have celebrated and overcame.

While the women and girls whose memory I work to preserve had their lives taken from them under brutal and inhumane conditions, the fact that they were lynched is not their legacy. Their lives had value and meaning not only to themselves, but to a community of folks who intimately loved and respected them.

I do not need pictures of them to know that they were beautiful  spiritual beings. I do not believe that true beauty can be seen by the human eye. Renditions of their beauty is created through me, often in vibrant colors and abstract forms.

In writing about women, and painting art in their honor, I live my best life.

Are you living your best life?  Do you use more days working on projects you love than depleting your energy helping others reach their life goals?

Are you engaging in projects that allows you to live the life you want to live, doing daily the things you enjoy doing  – things that bring meaning to your life?

Do you put your needs first, or like some, do you work two to three jobs that pay minimum wages.Instead of helping others live their dream life, invest time pursuing your own goals.

Take time to enjoy your life. Life is a gift and each day a new present to open and explore.

I find peace in creating beauty, and while I love the company of interesting people, I also value working in silence alone in my studio.

I have been a student of Abraham Hicks for about three years now. I am learning that not only is life a class, but it is one that I sometimes fail at miserably. The good news is that until the day that I transition, each day brings new opportunities to realign myself with my goals.

Thank you for reading my blog.  Here is a gift to inspire you. ENJOY!



“Moving ART”

by Louie Schwartzberg










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