Speaking of courage, do you dress the way you want to dress in spite of what people think? Do you wake up and dress yourself in a manner that expresses your unique taste?  Does the way you dress makes you feel pretty and special regardless of what others think of you?

Personally, I dress for me, not for anyone’s reaction.  When I heard Iris express the same sentiment, I knew I was in good company.



Iris Apfel is not only an artist, but she is unique in her artistic display of her talent, as she is the canvas, and her attitude, clothing, jewelry, hats, eye wear, lipstick, hair, personality, and her face are all instruments through which she orchestrates these magnificent and very personal runway-like showings of herself every time she steps out in public and even, as her documentary revealed, when she is in the privacy of her home.

At 94 years young, her boldness and courage to express herself without fear of the opinions of others is something that all women and girls can learn from and incorporate into other segments of their lives.

I think Jaden Smith is her grandchild…just kidding, but proud of the fearless attitudes, and displays of self expression, of them both.


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