Be Your True Authentic Self. It Empowers Others To Do The Same

“Barack And Michelle Obama Unveil Model Of Presidential Library” TIME



President Obama’s Presidential Library will be like no other!

“Obama Foundation Announces South Side as Home for Library”


“Super Soul Short: Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives | Super Soul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network” Artist Prince EA



First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Advocates for the Rights of Women and Girls


As I begin the second phase of my life’s journey, I find this to be a very inspirational and empowering video to watch.

Six years ago, after conducting research on Women and Girls who were lynched on America’s soil, the desire to find a way to honor those women and children through art and writing essays became a passion. go.

At the time, I was not aware that I had the artistic talents to make my desires a reality, however, in January of 2012, God blessed me with gifts and talents that made my desire to honor the women and girls through art a reality.

Educating, and advocating for women’s rights and human rights through the creation of art is a passion that I feel confident I will be able to manifest by using art as a platform.

What are you passionate about?  Have you tried to find a way to pursue your passions, your dreams, your goals?  What are the gifts, talents, and dreams that you one day will look back upon with regret, wishing that you had nurtured them and pursued your life’s calling instead of working your entire life as a cast member in other people’s dreams?

Have no regrets.  Regardless of your age, or financial standing, seek out ways to “live your best life”, as Oprah often says.  Live your life with gratitude and passion every single day of your life. Start by doing small things that brings joy into your life until you build up the courage and confidence to take flight into living out your life’s calling.

Do not let the thought of failure deters you from trying. Even if by some chance you fail, rest assured that the lessons that you will learn along the way will be so life enriching that you will be so much closer to attaining your goals.


Representative Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters “I am a strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated”

All Lives Matter

I commend Laila Ali on her “Just like her father’s ” ability to speak from her heart on issues that she is passionate about. She needs no one’s permission to voice an opinion. Listeners have the right to disagree, but her voice is her own.

It takes courage to speak out, and she is entitled to her opinion.

Her father, Muhammad Ali was loved by many, not just black folk.

There is without question a problem within our country concerning the killing of unarmed black men at the hands of police officers, and it has been evident that people of different races agree on this fact.

Black men are being killed – black men who do not pose a threat to police officers. Black men who stand with their hands raised in the air. Taking steps to better train officers, and by holding them accountable for their judgment if it is not in alignment with training procedures and laws that protect the rights of citizens, is an important first step. We need Police Officers policing within our society, and there are more dedicated officers than officers that are not.

Taking steps to better train officers, and by holding them accountable for their judgment if it is not in alignment with training procedures and laws that protect the rights of citizens, is an important first step. We need Police Officers policing within our society, and there are more dedicated officers than officers that are not.

We vote for or do not vote at all for the people who make the laws that govern our country, and our part as voting citizens to see that those we vote into office are held accountable for expressing our concerns, outrage, and demands, or we should vote them out of office. Many of the problems black communities face are both human rights issues and issues of politics.

I agree with Laila Ali that all lives matter.  We are all human beings, and if more people incorporated this belief into their daily practice of interacting with people, there would be no need for distinction in having to say that black lives matter.

It is only through unity that we can begin to affect change.  In 2016, we should not be having these same issues with race relations. It should not be an issue within our black community, nor in society as a whole. From what I see in the media, however, many feel this way, not just black folk, and they are expressing feelings of frustration that “enough is enough.”

People of diverse races and ethnicities gather to express outrage and to protest police brutality against unarmed black men, as they gathered to protest the killing of police officers who recently were injured or killed unjustly in retaliation to the killing of unarmed black men. I believe that as a majority, there are more people wanting race relations in this country to improve and they are doing what they can individually.

The lives of the unarmed black man matter, and the lives of the officers matter. Saying that all lives matter is not a betrayal to the black community.  It is not a sellout nor  a sign of disrespect. It is a personal opinion.

Tupac: On black community calling him a “sellout.”

Serena Williams

  Shootings of blacks by Police Officers–abc-news-celebrities.html?hl=1&noRedirect=1

Serena Williams commented on Dallas shootings at Wimbledon

John Legend

This video by John Legend will be around for a log time.  He addresses so many challenges and life experiences in this video without actually talking about the issues.  Breast cancer and self-esteem are only two of them.

He is one of my favorite artists.  I am so happy for him and his wife Chrissy of the birth of their daughter. They remind me of how happy my ex-husband and I were over the birth of each of our children.

While divorced, we are still a family.  He has a beautiful new wife whom he loves, and I am happy that she makes him happy.  He is a wonderful father and loving grandfather.  I want him to be around for a long time to shower our children with love.

Keep smiling John and Chrissy! Happiness is key to an enlightened life.

Tess Plus Size Model

Cheryl Strayed

My life was changed for good when I started watching Super Soul Sunday.  The first episode I watched was a black man that made art sculptures out of trees and hedges.  Since then, I have been influenced by Echardt Tolle who was the first spiritual advisor, as he is to me, who helped me make sense of why I made some of the decisions that I did, and he helped me realize that there was a loud voice in my head that I needed to quiet and listen to with much discretion.

That was just the beginning of a relationship with Super Soul Sunday that has introduced me to so many successful people who I now hang out with, follow around and soak up their knowledge.  My life will never be the same.

There are many that might not agree with me, but I know for sure that Oprah is as important to our world as Malcolm X , Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

I know this for sure because what black woman has the following that she has of people from many different cultures and races. She is to me a Prophet of God.  She travels around trying to enlighten all who will listen with messages to improve their well being and quality of life.

What I love most about her is that she is not selfish with her friends. She shares their wisdom, trials, and life’s journey’s with all who take time to listen to her show.  I am blessed by all that she does.  Her new show “Greenleaf”on OWN is surely going to get people out of the pew on Sunday mornings and into seeking a better understanding of the spirit that lives within.

Churches are full of drama, I know because I spent many years religiously going to them, so I am not saying that to put down the church, but if it is not helping you become a more enlightened soul, then you maybe should try a new approach. “Greenleaf “is about to save some souls.

I say churches are full of drama because take boards and auxiliaries for example.  If you want to join one to work for God there should be no reason why you should be turned away or discouraged.  After all, you want to do the work  for God.

If you go to church on Sunday, and then Monday through Friday you are one of the adults bullying other adults on the job, maybe you are not happy with who you are and not truly in touch with God. God is love.  It is not a cliche’ and it a fact. “Life is suppose to be easy”.

God loves us, approves of us, guides us, and we need not fear him.  If we truly listen to that quiet voice inside of us, we would know this to be true. We need not listen to anyone else more than we do our own inner guidance system.  Call it God, inner-being, whatever you choose, but it is there to aid you and no matter what you go through, “You will never “walk alone”

    Sing it Patty…

Patti LaBelle

“You will Never walk alone”


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